Ink Painting – How Does an Ink and Pencil Illustrator Work

Pen and Ink Illustrators start by doing pencil sketches. Pen and ink is the oldest art form that has ever been created. It has been used for a wide range of artistic forms from traditional drawing to tattooing. Today’s ink drawings tend to be illustrations of content, like books, advertisements and comics. Through the application of several techniques, this style unites artists. Pen and alcohol ink painting tutorial has also been deemed the best portable form of artwork.

Materials used in the UK Illustration

UK Illustrators are ready to make a masterpiece that is worth millions!


There are many different types and sizes of pen used in the creation of pencil and ink sketches. Some examples include: fountain pens; nib dip-pens; bamboo reed-pens; and ball point pens. Each produces a line with a distinct quality. The fluidity and thickness of the pen are selected by the artist according to his own personal preferences, the style he uses and the type and size of the illustration. They keep several sizes of nibs in stock so they are able to choose the right one for the job. Some artists use inks in one colour. They then create two-colour art, using the ink and paper color as the backdrop.


Art paper is widely available and includes both sketching paper and paper to paint on. They say that the watercolour drawing paper works best with pen and ink because it can easily be washed over by watercolours. Some artists prefer to use illustration or printing board. Handmade paper looks nice with pen and paper. Papyrus, Japanese paper, Japanese paper in colour, and Japanese bark papers are also good. You can make art anywhere, at any time, on any material. Just use an archival sprayed to protect it, especially if your paper is acidic.

UK pen & ink artists also carry a pencil with them, because they cannot easily correct mistakes when using a pen. If you use a pencil to make any corrections, you can erase the errors easily with an anti-dust wipe. For example, rulers can be used for straightening out lines. Templates with perfect dimensions are available. Sealant is often used as a waterproofing spray.

Use pen and ink to create art.

While pencils can be used to make shades, shading them with a pencil requires more expertise. With pencils, the artist is able to control the intensity of their shade using different amounts of pressure. However, with a Pen, the pressure will not work. The same pencil effect can be achieved by learning a couple of simple techniques.

The lines in each row are all drawn together. If you want to darken an area, make the lines denser.

It is the opposite of hatching.

When contour-hatching, the hatching is shaped to follow the contours of the objects being drawn.

* Scumbling is the use of small scribbly outlines for shading

* Stippling: shading with dots

The UK pen-and-ink illustrator creates beautiful art with these techniques and his unique style. The most popular form of illustrations for both authors and publishing houses is pen and Ink.